Thoughts of an uncool human

by - August 08, 2017

Lately I've been on my thinking mode. I don't mean thinking like thinking of what to eat or the dress to wear to church on Sunday. No, I've been doing some deep thinking. I know most of us are on one social media platform or the other. Even if we are not on any social media platform, we probably have one friend or the other that's like that so I'm sure we will be familiar with what I'm about to say. I'm not trying to judge anyone. How can I when I'm not a Lawyer not to talk of being a Judge. All I want is answers, answers to these questions that have been clouding and taking space in my mind. 

I know the word Slay Queen is something that is not alien to us anymore. 90% of the population of the world know that word. The 10% population of the world that are not familiar with that word are probably old or living in space. Just kidding though. I mean some people are actually going through some real life crisis to even care about that. Anyways, I look at Instagram almost everyday and the girls I see that are actually termed this word Slay Queen are usually girls that put on too much makeup, wear clothes that expose their breast, reveal their 'amazing' flat tummy, clings so tight to their body it displays their coke bottle figure, or clothes that show off their 'fabulous' legs.

The question is, is putting on too much makeup or wearing this revealing clothes the definition of being beautiful? Because when girls post this kind of pictures I see people comment stuffs like "peng",  "too much juice",  "too much sauce", "Slay" and the likes and I'm just sitting here wondering; is dressing like that and having your face beat to the point that people hardly recognise you the new cool? What happened to being dressed the way you want to be addressed? Because that's like a stale gist in this generation. If a girl wears clothes that cover her body all the time some people may see her as being overly religious or out of style. Why is that so? 

I'm also here wondering why in most music videos, the girls are always half naked and the guys are fully clothed? Like, don't those girls feel shy or something?  Do guys really respect girls that dress in that manner?

Now we say that no matter how a girl dresses a guy should not rape. OK, true, but, how do you expect a guy to keep his cool and not be turned on when a girl is dressed seductively? Definitely he will want some sugar and when the girl is not giving him some he will want to take it by force. That's the way I feel. I think that sometimes maybe we are the architect of our own misfortune. You can't put sugar on a table without covering it and expect ants not to come. They'll definitely come.

Wait, what do I even know? I'm just an uncool human who has been thinking too much for her own good. But seriously, I need answers cause I want to know the definition of being cool. 

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